Mini Reunion, 2017

After our 50th Reunion last year, many of you/ us expressed an interest in having another reunion ASAP.

This survey is to discover how many of you would actually be interested and willing and able to attend a reunion next winter in Florida.


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1)   * The plan is to hold a reunion in The Villages, FL. Dates would be sometime between Feb. 20-28. Would you be interested in attending?

Yes No
This is just a survey. Answering does not commit you. However, it helps make the decision as to whether to continue to pursue this.
2)   * Would your prefer a weekend reunion?

Yes No
Remember: weekends are always busier and you are, most likely, retired.
3)   Do you winter in Florida?

Yes No
You don't have to be here all winter in order to answer "yes" to this question.
4)   Do you live in Florida? If so, what area?

5)   Are you a golfer?

Yes No
6)   Do you enjoy dancing?

Yes No
7)   What would be some of your other interests?

8)   * Would you be willing to contact any of your good friends (classmates) who might be interested and tell them to read and answer this survey?

Yes No
The hardest part of setting up a reunion is we need people to know what is going on. If people don't respond, we think, "What's the point?" Please let your good buds know.