55th Reunion Update

I realize that this is the third letter regarding this particular issue. While some of you have already answered these questions, others have been unable to due so... my fault, sorry. If you have not already answered, please do so at this time. Thank you.



Thanks to all of you who responded to our 55th reunion survey!  We had hoped for an even better response, but realize not everyone checks their email with regularity, some don't use a computer, and we do not have correct contact information for everyone.  We had many responses of a positive nature, with the following results, and would like you to provide your thoughts to a few follow up questions.


The Reunion Committee is scheduled to meet again on Monday, November 25th. We would appreciate as many responses before then to assist us with planning. Again, thank you for your participation in this follow-up survey and your assistance in making our 55th a great time!




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1)   * Which month would you prefer? Please read the information listed in the hint before you answer.


It was about 50/50 between September and October for a preferred month to have the reunion; 46% preferred September, and 37% preferred October. So, the dilemma is that we do not want to lose half of you by picking one or the other. If you can, and will, attend if we have the reunion in either month, please check BOTH boxes below. If you can ONLY attend in one month, but not the other, please only check the month you can attend.
2)   Are you still interested in a Saginaw River Cruise? Please read the information listed in the hint before you answer.

  Yes, I would like to cruise the Saginaw River. See question 3.
  No, on second thought, I will not attend. Skip to question 4.

17 people indicated they would like to go on a cruise of the Saginaw River.
Timing is the issue here, as about the only time they have public cruises (we don't have enough people for a charter) is Saturday afternoon from 1:00 to 3:30. We can organize a group outing for that time, if you like, and should still have time to get back a get ready for the Saturday evening reunion festivities. Please confirm if you would still like to go on the cruise at that time.
3)   If you answered "yes" to question 2, please answer this as well. In addition to yourself, how many people will be with you on the Saginaw River Cruise? Please read the information listed in the hint before you answer.

Since this is a public cruise, you would be able to purchase tickets for family and non-classmate friends to join you on this cruise. Please give the total number of people in your party.
4)   Which ONE do you prefer; Saturday night dinner and dancing, cash bar OR heavy hors d'oeuvres, cash bar, and conversation Please read the hints before you answer this question.

  Saturday night dinner and dancing with a cash bar
  Saturday night heavy hors d'oeuvres with a cash bar

Regarding Saturday night, we think there may have been some confusion. We intended to ask you if you would like a dinner / dance similar to the 50th reunion OR, just heavy hors d' oeuvres, conversation, and cash bar (no sit down dinner / dancing). Please check your preference below:

____ Dinner / Dancing
____ Just "heavy" hors d' oeuvres, conversation, and cash bar
5)   Would you be interested in attending a Sunday morning "farewell" breakfast? Please read the hints before you answer this question.

  Yes, I would like to attend a breakfast.
  No, I will not be attending a breakfast
  If yes, indicate a preferred time: 8:00 a.m.
  9:00 a.m.
  10:00 a.m.

Several people said they would like to have a Sunday morning "farewell" breakfast. We will likely pick a convenient place with a buffet, have some tables set aside for our group or a separate room, if more decide to attend. If that meets with your approval, please indicate below, with a preferred time.

____ Yes, I will attend a farewell breakfast.
____ No, I will not be able to attend a farewell breakfast
6)   What classmate(s), in particular, would you like to see at the reunion? Please read the hints before you answer this question.

Almost half of those who responded agreed to contact three or more classmates, and we are most grateful for your willingness to do so! We will try to help by providing a list and whatever contact information we have for you to work with. You might find someone you have forgotten about, that you would like to see again.

Almost half of those who responded indicated they would be more likely to attend if "people they knew were attending". We will put a list of people on our AHHS website of people who have indicated that they are coming, but would like you to tell us who you would like to attend, so we can contact them also, or find contact information on them and pass it along to you, so you can invite them. Please let us know below who you would like to have attend: