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04/11/16 11:10 AM #245    


Marlene Melcher

Very funny Dave.... quite the little entrepreneur  !!    L O L

04/11/16 11:13 AM #246    


Marlene Melcher

Jane... how interesting they had T. Roetke's poem in a chocolate bar... wow!  and... you found it... and are probably the only one who ate that particular chocolate bar and knew who his sister was!!  L O L

04/19/16 09:15 AM #247    

LLoyd Crane Anderson

Back in the 70's I was practsing law in Louisville, Kentucky and decided to visit my parents in Sarasota, Florida. I love train travel, so decided to go by Amtrak. The train left Louisville and wound its way through Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama,etc The scenery was beautiful, so I went forward in the train to the observation car. Eventually night fell and it was time to go back to my car to sleep. That car, however, was crowded, hot and noisy. I then decided to go forward again to the observation car to see if the sleeping conditions were better. When I got there, it was deserted, so I could stretch out full length and have a good night's sleep.

When I woke up next morning, I left the observation car to go back to my car. After I passed through a few cars, a conducter asked me where I was going. I replied I was going back to my car. He said there was nothing back there! It turned out that in the middle of the night, the train had split, and the portion of the train I was on was headed for Miami on the Atlantic Coast, while the other portion (with my luggage) was headed for Sarasota on the Gulf Coast!. I explained my predicament to the conducter. He whipped out his walky-talky (no cells in those days) and called a dispatcher, who then called the conducter of the Sarasota-bound train. They determined that the two trains were going to criss-cross at a junction in central Florida within 20 minuted of each other. As we neared that junction, my train ground to a halt and the conducter let me out. It's hard to describe how colossal the train looked from the ground. Hundreds of eyes peered at me from the train, passengers wondering why in the world we were sto;pped in the middle of nowhere. That train clanked away and I was left at the junction with no people, no cars, no nothing. As I started to imagine an attack by wild boars or snakes
, the sound of an approaching train arose, and the Sarasota-bound train lurched to a halt at the junction, again hundreds of eyes staring at me in wonderment. A door opened for me and as the conducter helped me up into the train, he winked and said "Well, I hope you got lucky last night!" Very funny.


04/20/16 07:46 AM #248    


Marlene Melcher

HILARIOUS!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH..... for starting my day of with a HUGE out loud chuckle... that is one of the best stories!!   :)

04/20/16 01:08 PM #249    


Lynn B. Wright (Kurzhals)

What a great story.  

04/20/16 01:23 PM #250    


Robert (Bob) Hogg

Well, I was going to tell about the time in 1967 when I was coming back from Expo 67 in Montreal by train. Ken Gross was going to meet me at the train sation in Durand and bring me back to Saginaw.

Unfortunately, I fell asleep and woke up as the train pulled up in Lansing, and I had to hitch-hike back to Saginaw.

As I was saying, I was going to tell this story, but yours is much more hilarious, Lloyd, so I won't. 




04/21/16 08:09 AM #251    


Rick Yokuty

Bob, funny. Sue Teenier and I went to Monteal to the Expo in 67. I wonder why we didn't see you there. 

04/21/16 01:40 PM #252    

Van Abbott

Lloyd,  I am happy your train adventured ended so well.  Timing is everything!   Forty-six years ago, I got stuck on a cruize ship when I missed the messages that visitors had to depart the ship.  That also is an interesting story... but for another time.  Lets hear some more unintended adventures from you guys.  I enjoy reading them.   Van


04/21/16 09:11 PM #253    


Don Ruppel

A friend of mine from the class of '63 and I went to Expo 67 also, it was quite an experience.  Really got a kick out of the Russian Pavilion, they had a long building  and inside was this spiral of what must have been clear plexiglass panels that ran from one end to the other.  My friend and I were looking at it when a man walked up and told us all about it.  I knew he must have been Russian but his English was perfect EXCEPT for one word!

As he was describing it he said that "we shoot a charge of high WOLTAGE down the length", then I knew for sure he was Russian because they have difficulty with the letter V and couldn't say VOLTAGE.

04/22/16 08:21 PM #254    


Raynold A. Schmick

I've also got a story about Expo ’67 in Montreal, which was clearly well-attended by the Class of 1965. In the fall of 1967, two of my UM roommates (including Tim Kosinski) convinced me that we should drive to Expo for the weekend (I had the car). I’m sure it was a great cultural and educational experience, but I don’t remember any of that. What I remember very clearly is our adventure in sneaking into the open-air beer garden on Saturday night. The beer garden was very popular, and there was an hours-long line to get in. No doubt inspired by alcohol purchased elsewhere, we decided to avoid the line and try to get in through the kitchen. Surprisingly, we actually found our way through the kitchen to the roped-off beer garden, and immediately sat down at an already-occupied picnic table. The folks at the table knew what we were up to. They were sporting and made room for us. When the guards came to throw us out, our newfound French-speaking friends insisted that we were part of their group and had been there all along. Despite the language barrier, we managed enough communication to have a fun and (obviously) memorable evening with some very congenial folks.

04/23/16 08:28 AM #255    


Marlene Melcher

love it Ray!!

10/18/16 05:11 PM #256    


Marlene Melcher

Dear AHHS Friends....Just an update on our dear friend Janet Schneider Pahssen.... prayers for her tomorrow as she goes into surgery for the removal of one of her kidneys... after her recovery, she will then be getting 2 chemo drugs... as she continues her fight against cancer which she has been battling now for about 8 or 9 years and has not lost her optimism and spirit to win this battle!!   

She is amazing... any good thoughts, blessings or prayers you can send her way would be most appreciated...

She should return home in about a week's time... so if you wish to send a card, her address is:     6800 Nottingham Drive, Grayling, MI  49738

To those of you who sent birthday wishes... she was very surprised and most appreciative!!

Marlene Melcher

09/13/17 09:17 AM #257    


Kirk O'Keefe

Hurricane!  We left for MI and a couple M games the Tues. before the hurricane hit!  Our friends back in FL we escaped with no damage. Still no power so we are losing a freezer full of food! Feel very lucky. How did everyone else inFL make out?

09/14/17 11:09 PM #258    


Robert (Bob) Hogg

Our place in the Keys has suffered some pretty heavy damage, according to aerial photos. They're not letting people down as far as Marathon yet, so nobody can get down to see what, if any damages there are inside. We have new hurricane windows, but there is liable to be storm surge damage at a minimum. I think our place in New Smyrna Beach is probably OK, so it looks like we'll be able to get out of the U.P. For at least a while this winter.

09/15/17 07:13 PM #259    


Rick Yokuty

Just extend your stay at Karen and Marks to 2 months. Problem  solved

09/18/17 10:22 AM #260    


Karen Hassberger (Hoerauf)

As long as they bring golf clubs and the appropriate amount of wine, it will work.

It's a bit ironic that last night, in Michigan, just as I was cooking dinner on my Electric stove, the power went off and stayed off for about 15 hours. Just gave us a taste of how dependent we are.

Also, it was very close to the time my brother died last week... it made me think he was kicking up his heels and dancing to the music he loved so much. 

09/19/17 09:22 AM #261    


Don Ruppel

I remember the days when I would have to put up without electricity and have to use flashlights to get around the house at night.  Like the days of my youth, they are gone, 4 years ago I had a whole house standby generator installed, now my powere outages last about 20 seconds, and it happens even when I'm not home.       


09/19/17 04:44 PM #262    


Robert (Bob) Hogg

Don, I have a better way. I just live in Marquette. Our power never goes out. Seriously. If we are out of power for an hour in a year, total, that's a bad year. I honestly can't remember the last time our power was out. But then again, I can't remember what I had for lunch...

09/19/17 04:46 PM #263    


Robert (Bob) Hogg

Karen, If we brought a two months' supply of wine, We wouldn't have any room for golf clubs, or clothes, or Sue...

09/20/17 12:25 PM #264    


Esther Smith (Page-Wood)

We came through unscathed from Hurricane Irma property wise even though the path took it right through Citrus Co where we live.  First time a hurricane has hit there not counting the no name storm years ago.  Crazy thing is that we had power throughout the whole storm but lost it the morning after and it was out for 4 days.  I had a large catcus about 5' tall that was snapped in half but that will grow back.  I was in Orlando for Hurricane Charlie and that was more than what we experienced in Citrus here but Charlie didn't cover the whole state like Irma did.

09/20/17 01:03 PM #265    


Karen Hassberger (Hoerauf)

So happy that most of the news is good news relating to Irma. I have friends that lost everything on St. John, but all Florida people I know seem to be in pretty good shape.

Bob, you can still pack your golf clubs and your wife. Just bring a check book or working charge card for the wine. The Villages now has 50 golf courses (671 or so holes) however all of them are closed until further notice due to flooding.

Leaving Michigan for Florida on Friday. It was nice to be home in Michigan.



09/20/17 11:02 PM #266    


Don Ruppel

About the same here Bob, lost power maybe 4 times in 14 years, but like to be prepared. For lunch today I had ........... ???? 

09/21/17 05:37 PM #267    


Paul H. Warner

I can tell you what I had for lunch for the past two weeks.  My power has never gone out here on Peachtree Street.  Georgia POWER.  So strong.  That's why I own Duke  laugh



09/22/17 11:29 PM #268    


Kirk O'Keefe

My step son in Atlanta lost their power for two days from Irma!

09/24/17 10:05 PM #269    


Paul H. Warner

I know it was bad Kirk.  I live in a part of Atlanta that has not yet had the power go down.  My colleagues and friends had to go cold showers for a few days, but nothing like the situation in South Florida, Houston, or Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico will be reeling from electrical failure for a long time unless we can mobilize some military assistance to aid them.


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