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Charles Anderson (Bookkeeping)
Eloise Bacon (Science)
Nancy Baxter (Baxter)
Hiram Becker (English)
Mary Benjamen (Spanish)
Helen Beyer (Home Ec)
Keith Birdsall (Principal)   
Vivian Bloom (Bookkeeping)
Earl Burnett (Drivers Ed)   
Hajar Busaid (English)   
William Campbell (Chemistry)
Donna Cappell (English)
Fred Case (Biology)
Mabel Close (Librarian)
Mildred Costa (Librarian)
Mattie Crump (English)
Donald Damer (Science)
Charlotte Damuth (Business Ed)
Mary Doidge (Counselor)  
Marian Dreven (Geometry)
Patricia Dumas (English)
William Durham (Durham)
Marguerite Engle (Science)
Albert Fetting (Science)
Joe Flynn (Gov)
Charles Fowler (Driver Ed)
David Gainey (P. E. )
Patricia Geeting (English)
Harold Giesecke (Principal)  
Dorothy Giesel (English)
Richard Goodman (Driver Ed)
William Gorton (Geog/Am Hist)
Emerson Grossman (Wood Shop)
Ralph Grueber (Public Speaking)
Hazel Gunther (Shorthand)
Frances Hamlin (English)
Ray Hartman (Salesmanship)
Irma Harvie (English)
Louise Herm (Geometry)
Oliver Herzler (Counselor)
Norma Hile (Home Ec)
James Hooper (Physics)   
Sharon Hunter (English)
Marjory Jacobson (French)
Rachel Jerome (English)
Orvene Johnson (Pe)
Helen Kerns (German)
John Kleekamp (Business)
John Kring (Algebra)   
Harve Light (Psychology)
Howard Lytle (Agriculture)
Joy Mann (English)
John McCargar (World Hist)
Eleanor McCrea (Pe)
Anna Mae McDonough (Bookkeeping)
Minnie McFall (Reading)
Donald McPhee (Trigonometry)
Donald McPhee (Trigonometry)
Armin Mesker (Algebra)
Margaret Mizener (English)
Donald Morey (Pe)
Cora Morgan (Spanish)
Seymour Murphy (Guidance)
Joanne Nitz (Algebra)
Una OBrock (English)
June O'Dell (Counselor)   
Helen Olmsted (Dean Of Girls)  
Ruth Patow (Latin)
Edward Petzko (World History)
A. A. Pieritz (Mechanical Drawing)
George Purdy (Geometry)
Una Robertson (Algebra)
Hugh Schackelford (Am His…)    
Gerald Schairer (Econ)
Edwin Schalk (Gov)
Eric Senn (Gov/Econ)
C. D. Stewart (Econ/Gov)
Mary Stewart (Am History)
Isabel Struthers (English)
Parnell Tardy (Counselor)
Raymond Tortora (Guidance)
Nancy Treloar (Science)
Gertrude Turner (Latin)
Constance Vanderstein (Am History)
Jack Visuri (Metal Shop)
William Vondette (Am History)
Christine Webb (English)
Bryant Wilson (Gov/Econ)
Beverly Yates (French)
Lorna Ziegler (Home Ec)

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