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08/29/15 04:34 PM #134    


Sigrid Hansen (Hansen)

Hi Everyone!  Sigrid Hansen here...

Post 25 things people did not know about me?  Well, instead...


Point Lookout Wolves Painting Walks to the beat of different drummer USDA Forest Service Horses around married divorced married divorced smoke got in my eyes meandering around the west mush gee haw one child in this world to carry on words to songs handbuilt clay sculpture walked a million miles some still do not know I have played a joke on them write stories read Colorado healing arts no televison married divorced what is beyond the obvious massage all who wander are not lost dial direct to the universe child of nature still learning survivor Sarasota peace summer DO NOT TAKE LIFE SO SERIOUSLY WE WILL NOT GET OUT OF THIS ALIVE dog whisper see beyond the.... 

 See you soon






















08/31/15 03:32 PM #135    


Karen Hassberger (Hoerauf)

To all: Our class web site will be going down for maintenance Friday, September 4th at 11:59 p.m. EST. We will be down for several hours for a hardware upgrade. We expect to be back online prior to 9:00 a.m. EST Saturday morning. Thanks for your patience during the upgrade window.

09/01/15 02:38 PM #136    


Norma Metzger (Schmick)

Quoting Karen to me recently, "You come alive at crunch time!"  I promised to tag 5 others.  

Time is short.  If you can't come up with 25 things about yourself, 10 will be great!  

Tagging 5 from our Planning Committee:  Mary Eaton, MorrIs Stevens, Roger Ruppel, Connie Touchtone, David Brown.

Plus, tagging:  Dave Fisher, Jody Golden, Barb Glancz, Phyllis Thomas, Nancy Wahl, Kathy Kelly, Kris Martin

Anyone keep in touch with Kris Martin or Kathy Kelly?  Where are they?  

If you have not been tagged for Karen's Fun Game, you are welcome to join in.  It's been wonderful to hear from so many of us.  

See everyone at our Reunion!  

09/02/15 03:05 PM #137    


Karen Hassberger (Hoerauf)


John, just because the reunion is this weekend, it doesn't mean we're done with you...

Thank you for your best wishes to all. Karen

John Schirmer posted a message.
10:11 am

I wont be able to make the reunion however I wish you all the very best. I love art music and meditation as well as things Zen so I am going to keep things short and sweet. It has been a joy sharing memories with everyone....


09/03/15 09:36 PM #138    


Tom R. Mueller

25 Things You May Not Know About Tom Mueller

 1. I am an Eagle Scout. (Ony 2% of scouts earn this Highest Rank). I attended 2 National        Jamborees.

 2. I sold ads for The Legenda for 2 years and was a Copy/Layout Editor.

 3. I was a Fuller Brush Door-To-Door Salesman. Started June 1964 until I left for CMU         Sep.1965.

     Although just part time, I often was "Salesman of The Week" and outsold fulltimers of 25 years. Just loved

     the challenge and meeting my customers. I literally - ran - to the next house because I could not wait to

     serve the next customer.  

 4. Attended CMU and earned a Teaching Certificate. Major: Recreation. Minors: Spanish, Physical

     Education, and History.

 5. Worked part time in Alma, MI. the last 3 years of college with the Community Education Department as

     an After School Recreation Director in charge of 2 buildings and activities. My first year with Alma

     Community Ed., I hitchhiked from Mt. Pleasant to Alma and back 5 days a week. Getting dropped off at

     each town's highway exit. I had to walk 3 miles to my worksite and back to the highway; or to/from the

     Mt. Pleasant exit from/to my dorm. (12 miles each day).This was from Sep. to Dec. the first year. I got a

     car on Christmas Break and moved to Alma the second year. Then commuted to my classes.

 6. Graduated CMU June 1970. Alma hired me as their Middle School Physical Education Teacher, a

     position I held for 26 years. Then I chose to retire at the age of 48.

 7. After a year of basically doing nothing but my volunteer work, I got a chauffer's license and drove

     an over-the-road Motor Coach (Tour Bus) for 10 years. Loved it! Got to travel from The Upper

     Peninsula to The Gulf of Mexico, from Montreal to South Carolina and many places East of The

     Mississippi. It is fun to drive a big rig in New York City and Chicago. (Not really)!!! Drivers do not give

     you any room of courtesy. It is a lot of reponsibility.

 8. I LOVE TRAVEL: Been to Mexico 14 times. Europe 4 times. The Montreal Olympics. Rented a car for

     6 weeks and drove 5,000 kilometers from Amsterdam to the boot of Italy and back to Frankfort, Germany.

     And many, many stops inbetween. Met locals by staying in Bread and Breakfast accomodations, often.

 9. I have hosted Exchange Students. Mostly for the summer time. From Mexico, Columbia, China, and

     Spain. My Spanish "Son" came 4 times. The last time for the whole school year Sep. '88 to June '89.

     I have been to Spain to visit him twice.

10. Started the FIRST SOCCER PROGRAM/TEAMS in Gratiot County in 1971. Coached 4 age levels

     simultaneously including playing on and coaching the men's team. Then was a referee for 13 years

     throughout Mid-Michigan. Clare, Isabella, Gratiot, Saginaw, Bay, Midland, and Tuscola counties.

     Also, held several positions on the governing boards of soccer at the regional and state levels.

11. In June 1978 I traveled to Argentina to attend the Soccer World Cup. I continued after, by visiting

     most of the rest of the countries in South America, except Brazil and Pauaguay. Total 9 week trip.

12. 6 cruises were great trips. I especially liked the stops and sightseeing. I like indigenous culture and

     local customs/history. Have visited 48 States, (except Vermont and New Hampshire).

13. I have earned my Beginner and Advanced Certifications in Scuba Diving. And have done over 60

     dives, all in the warm waters of The Caribbean. (And it is Car-Rib-E-An, not Care-A-B-An)!

14. Seeking adventure, I took a hot air balloon ride in Mexico. Took an airplane pilot training lesson.

     Went paragliding. And am one of the few and rare people to have ridden in a blimp/dirigible, and I

     sat in the co-pilot seat and wore the headset to hear all "air traffic conversations".

15. For 30 years, my hobby has been to shoot videotapes of local events and edit and produce them for

     our local Public Access TV station which airs in 3 counties. Ranging from City Council Meetings, to

     music performances, to speakers on local history, to our 3 day Alma Highland Festival (Scottish).

     The only year I entered a video competition to be judged on program editing, I received 2 second

     place awards in the 5 state region.

16. At age 13, I was on a Saginaw bowling team and we took the State Championship.

17. I am active in my church and have served as a Council member, Financial Secretary and Assisting Minister. And often am an usher.

18. I started a program to mentor youth in my church and trained them to be acolytes.

19. I was a chaperone/group leader for my church youth to travel to Tennessee and worked on 2 Habitat For Humanity homes for 2 weeks.

20. I was a founding Board Member of a Christian Radio Station in Coleman, MI. I served as Secretary for 15 years until we sold the station. This started as WPRJ (We Praise Jesus)). Then became The Fuse on 101.7 FM. And now is Radio U. We played Contemporary Christian Music.

21. I was in the right place at the right time. Attended Daniel's Den and forged a friendship with Mr. Patrick. Went from being a customer to an employee. Started with ticket sales, to "bartender", to  assistant Stage Manager. Became The Den's DJ and Emcee until the closing in 1970. Was so lucky to meet and work with the amazing groups that performed there.

22. I was able to travel from Saginaw to other venues with many National and International groups, where we also put on concerts. I was able to maintain contact with many of them for a period of time as they gave me their home phone numbers and addresses. And worked with several groups repeatedly.

23. Having learned many aspects of the rock scene and ALL that goes with it, I scouted locals groups and became the Manager of The Paupers, students at AHHS (3 years behind us). Due to a group of the same name, we changed our name to The Feris Wheel. I can add the title of "Record Producer" to my credits - for their record "The Best Part of Breaking Up (is when you're making up)"; with "Woman" on the flip side produced by Dick Wagner.

24. Led a church service/worship for 25 years at a nursing home, the first Sunday of each month.

25. Visited the "Patients" at The Saginaw Veterans Hospital a few times a year (for over 30 years to the present) to visit with, and provide and lead recreation activities

Have tried to help others all of my life. My motto is "Service To Others"

09/04/15 03:14 AM #139    


Nancy Kay Wahl (Allen)

Sorry it took me so long to do this list...things you don't know about me.

1. I went to work as a secretary right after graduation until Sept. when my father went into the hospital. He had cancer and died in Dec. at the very young age of 47. I helped my Mother run our grocery store business for aboout 2 years. Thought I had it so bad and wanted to go to work some place else.

2.So I went to work as a car hop at the Strand (corner of State and Bay). Remember frozen custard and ice cream sodas?

3. After a year I went to work as a telephone operator for MI Bell/Ameritech. Went from Operator Services to the Accounting Center and worked various jobs. My favorite was an Administrative Clerk in the Computer Room where I formed my love of computers.

4. Another love developed during my employment was as a Union (CWA) Representative; a Steward, elected Chief Steward and elected Vice President of the Accounting Center.  This gave me an insight into the bargaining process and handling grievances. Beside the training, National Conferences, workshops there was the benefit of collecting for United Way and the Saginaw Blood Bank.

5. In 1995 I took a "retirement package" of 3 years added to your age and years of employment plus a $  buy out which gave me 30 years and out. So at the tender age of 47 I retired from Ameritech. My Mother told me I was too young, but even that age I thought I knew better. lol

6. Before retiring I started selling Pampered Chef products and continued doing so until 2008. Besides the $ I also earned several trips; San Diego, New Orleans, Walt Disney World in Fl, Washington DC, Chicago, St. Louis, Miami, and the best Germany and Austria. Still love their products.

7. I was married in 1970 to Tom Allen (an undergraduate of AHHS) by a Justice of the Peace and 3 years later had our marriage blessed at SS Peter & Paul Catholic Church. We celebrated 45 years in January. I'm so spoiled and wouldn't know what I'd do without him.

8. We have 2 children; Charles and Catherine. Billie Warsin Mull was at the birth of my son and even though her shift had ended wouldn't leave until he had been born.

9. I have 2 grandchildren, Kaylyn, Nov. 2002, and Jayden, Sept. 2008.

10. We adopted Kaylyn in 2010 and she keeps us young and on our toes.

11. I've been crafty all of my life doing various things; crocheting, cross-stitch, tole' paining, resin painting and lastly photos and scrapbooking.

12. I'm not a reader, but love playing games on my computer. Love "time management" type of games.

13. I play Pinochle on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at our Senior Center from Sept. to May with a group of wonderful mature (not old) ladies. There's only 1 lady younger than myself.

14. In 1988 I bought the cottage  in Prudenville (Houghton Lake) which was built by my Father and Grandfather in 1947. Used it for vacations and weekends until Nov. 1995 when it became my home. Tom was working in Saginaw, but followed about a year later.

15. In 2012 bought a larger home about 3 miles away, but still in Houghton Lake. Rented the cottage for 3 years and selling it now to a family member.

16. From 2010 to 2014 I was involved with Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan as Cookie Chair/Cupboard and Area Manager. Because of our awsome Troop Leaders we've taken 1st place float trophies at TUT (Tip-Up-Town) 2 years in a row. Loved working with kids and young adults, but really is a younger persons job.

17. I'm a night owl. Going to sleep at about 3am or 4am and waking around 11am or 12pm. But can get up earliier for appointments or when necessary.

18. Can't fall asleep without "white noise" from TV.

19. I've been blessed with fairly good health, but have faught the battle of the bulge all my life.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion.

08/29/19 02:13 PM #140    


Marlene Melcher

Hi All... Looks as if no one has posted in ages... so thought I would!  I'm in the midst of preparations for hurricane Dorian.  All so nerve wracking as you have to guess when "she" will hit and have a hotel lined up early or you ended having to drive into GA for find a vacancy.

I'm planning on coming to the reunion.. hope you all are too... the 50th was such a great time!

Just wanted to say "HI"... hope everyone enjoys good health... until the 55th!!  Marlene


08/30/19 09:17 AM #141    

John H. Nordstrom

Hi, Marlene,

Thanks for posting!  What a pain, preparing for a hurricane.  Be safe!  So glad you are coming to the reunion.  Encourage anyone else you can to do the same.  Most venues would like a committment for 200 people, so we are asking all who are willing, to recruit and communicate to some classmates.  It would be nice to have a good turnout, and catch up on the last five years.  All the best to you!!


08/30/19 02:02 PM #142    


Karen Hassberger (Hoerauf)

Hi, Marlene,

 We're still up in Michigan, preparing to leave for Ireland next weekend. Our home looks like it is in the "path" as well as everyone else who lives in Fl. No one in our neighborhood is home to do any kind of preperation. So I'm fussing to Mark that maybe we should fly home. Probably not such a good idea. Keep safe. We'll see you at the 55th.

By the way, what friends would you especially like to see at the 55th? Could you contact them and let them know you'll be looking forward to seeing them?

08/30/19 05:19 PM #143    


Martin R. Shackelford


When I was at Durand Elementary, my parents bought me a set of figures of the presidents through Eisenhower. Later, the same company issued figures of JFK, LBJ and Nixon, and I was able to add those. Then they stopped making the figures. I recently found a guy who has created matching figures of Ford through Trump, and was able to update the set, and add a display stand. This is the result. Famlly lore says that I am related to Rutherford B. Hayes (Old 8 and 7) on my father's side, though this is not certain. He is the colorful guy in the third row.


09/07/19 04:57 PM #144    


Marlene Melcher

If you are on Facebook... try to find...    Saginaw County's BEST Past, Present, and Future   great site for reading things about Saginaw Past, Present and Future! ;)

02/26/20 06:41 AM #145    


Karen Hassberger (Hoerauf)

I'm looking for photos of you and our classmates from your elementary and jr. high school days. Would you please help and post them on a photo gallery we will call The Early Days.

Thank you,


02/27/20 11:24 AM #146    


Martin R. Shackelford

I have the 1961 photo of the class trip to Washington D.C., and the South School yearbook page showing the 1962 school play with a full cast and crew list and photos of the cast (even a photo of the poster). When I find them again (many things still in boxes from the move last year), I have photos I took on the D.C. trip. From the 50s, I have a photo at my birthday party on Ojibway Island, and as a Cub Scout attending Durand School. Also, at a family Christmas in Missouri, and with a cowboy hat in Colorado. Climbing with my brother at Red Rocks, outside Denver. Others still in boxes.

02/28/20 01:25 PM #147    


Karen Hassberger (Hoerauf)

Those would be great if you would share them, and if you can find them. Good luck with that! We'll look forward to seeing them.

03/14/20 04:13 PM #148    


Robert (Bob) Hogg

Due to the Corona Virus, I've washed my hands so much that I found the answers to a high school history exam!

03/15/20 07:12 AM #149    


Janice A. Carter (Buyssens)

Good one. We all need a few smiles

03/15/20 06:40 PM #150    


Paul Modschiedler

You got the question about Millard Fillmore wrong.

03/16/20 10:18 AM #151    


Thomas C. McCarty

Bob now if you could've only helped me with Algebra 2, I might have graduated in

03/16/20 12:32 PM #152    


Robert (Bob) Hogg

That's odd, Paul. During the 1964 Presidential election campaign, I had a Millard Fillmore bumper sticker on my '56 VW. (True story).

03/16/20 03:15 PM #153    


Don Ruppel

Wasn't Millard the very efficient attendant at the Sunoco gas station on State Street ?  I remember everyone saying that "Millard could Fillmore".         smiley

03/18/20 12:41 PM #154    


Paul Modschiedler

Well Played!


03/25/20 05:00 PM #155    


Ken Rabideau

03/25/20 05:02 PM #156    


Ken Rabideau

Why Toilet paper?

So I’m sitting here, reflecting on my 85-year-old roll of toilet paper. I never thought I would have to put it to use. It’s a keepsake from my grandfather who hoarded hundreds of rolls after The Great Depression. He had vowed that his family would never again be without toilet paper. I can still picture the rolls of ScotTissue in their basement on Allegan Street, single wrapped rolls lining the walls from floor to ceiling.

I don’t know why I kept this memento. Little did I know that someday this hoarding would be happening again. The store shelves are bare here in Grand Junction, Colorado, as they are most everywhere. I am happy to say that I have not followed my grandfather’s example. But having seen the scars that The Great Depression left on him, I won’t judge Grandpa. 

03/26/20 09:34 AM #157    


Don Ruppel

Considering the scarcity of toilet paper because some people are hording more than they would most likely use in a year, we may have to resort to conservation and minimize over use.   Some people use much more paper than is necessary, like I saw at work where someone used 20 feet of paper towels to dry his hands.  Therefore everyone should use the minimum length of toilet paper and use BOTH SIDES   And like most politicians I exempt myself from that Idea/regulation.    LOL

03/26/20 09:40 AM #158    


Don Ruppel

Ah, for the "good 'Ol days" when Sears, Wards and Pennys had catalogs, hundreds of pieces of toilet paper.


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