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08/30/19 02:02 PM #142    


Karen Hassberger (Hoerauf)

Hi, Marlene,

 We're still up in Michigan, preparing to leave for Ireland next weekend. Our home looks like it is in the "path" as well as everyone else who lives in Fl. No one in our neighborhood is home to do any kind of preperation. So I'm fussing to Mark that maybe we should fly home. Probably not such a good idea. Keep safe. We'll see you at the 55th.

By the way, what friends would you especially like to see at the 55th? Could you contact them and let them know you'll be looking forward to seeing them?

08/30/19 05:19 PM #143    


Martin R. Shackelford


When I was at Durand Elementary, my parents bought me a set of figures of the presidents through Eisenhower. Later, the same company issued figures of JFK, LBJ and Nixon, and I was able to add those. Then they stopped making the figures. I recently found a guy who has created matching figures of Ford through Trump, and was able to update the set, and add a display stand. This is the result. Famlly lore says that I am related to Rutherford B. Hayes (Old 8 and 7) on my father's side, though this is not certain. He is the colorful guy in the third row.


09/07/19 04:57 PM #144    


Marlene Melcher

If you are on Facebook... try to find...    Saginaw County's BEST Past, Present, and Future   great site for reading things about Saginaw Past, Present and Future! ;)

02/26/20 06:41 AM #145    


Karen Hassberger (Hoerauf)

I'm looking for photos of you and our classmates from your elementary and jr. high school days. Would you please help and post them on a photo gallery we will call The Early Days.

Thank you,


02/27/20 11:24 AM #146    


Martin R. Shackelford

I have the 1961 photo of the class trip to Washington D.C., and the South School yearbook page showing the 1962 school play with a full cast and crew list and photos of the cast (even a photo of the poster). When I find them again (many things still in boxes from the move last year), I have photos I took on the D.C. trip. From the 50s, I have a photo at my birthday party on Ojibway Island, and as a Cub Scout attending Durand School. Also, at a family Christmas in Missouri, and with a cowboy hat in Colorado. Climbing with my brother at Red Rocks, outside Denver. Others still in boxes.

02/28/20 01:25 PM #147    


Karen Hassberger (Hoerauf)

Those would be great if you would share them, and if you can find them. Good luck with that! We'll look forward to seeing them.

03/14/20 04:13 PM #148    


Robert (Bob) Hogg

Due to the Corona Virus, I've washed my hands so much that I found the answers to a high school history exam!

03/15/20 07:12 AM #149    


Janice A. Carter (Buyssens)

Good one. We all need a few smiles

03/15/20 06:40 PM #150    


Paul Modschiedler

You got the question about Millard Fillmore wrong.

03/16/20 10:18 AM #151    


Thomas C. McCarty

Bob now if you could've only helped me with Algebra 2, I might have graduated in

03/16/20 12:32 PM #152    


Robert (Bob) Hogg

That's odd, Paul. During the 1964 Presidential election campaign, I had a Millard Fillmore bumper sticker on my '56 VW. (True story).

03/16/20 03:15 PM #153    


Don Ruppel

Wasn't Millard the very efficient attendant at the Sunoco gas station on State Street ?  I remember everyone saying that "Millard could Fillmore".         smiley

03/18/20 12:41 PM #154    


Paul Modschiedler

Well Played!


03/25/20 05:00 PM #155    


Ken Rabideau

03/25/20 05:02 PM #156    


Ken Rabideau

Why Toilet paper?

So I’m sitting here, reflecting on my 85-year-old roll of toilet paper. I never thought I would have to put it to use. It’s a keepsake from my grandfather who hoarded hundreds of rolls after The Great Depression. He had vowed that his family would never again be without toilet paper. I can still picture the rolls of ScotTissue in their basement on Allegan Street, single wrapped rolls lining the walls from floor to ceiling.

I don’t know why I kept this memento. Little did I know that someday this hoarding would be happening again. The store shelves are bare here in Grand Junction, Colorado, as they are most everywhere. I am happy to say that I have not followed my grandfather’s example. But having seen the scars that The Great Depression left on him, I won’t judge Grandpa. 

03/26/20 09:34 AM #157    


Don Ruppel

Considering the scarcity of toilet paper because some people are hording more than they would most likely use in a year, we may have to resort to conservation and minimize over use.   Some people use much more paper than is necessary, like I saw at work where someone used 20 feet of paper towels to dry his hands.  Therefore everyone should use the minimum length of toilet paper and use BOTH SIDES   And like most politicians I exempt myself from that Idea/regulation.    LOL

03/26/20 09:40 AM #158    


Don Ruppel

Ah, for the "good 'Ol days" when Sears, Wards and Pennys had catalogs, hundreds of pieces of toilet paper.


05/07/21 06:47 AM #159    


Martin R. Shackelford

It's great that Ray digitized the yearbook. As soon as I began looking at it, I recalled taking the photo next to the Table of Contents (as well as the preceding photo showing the unbroken circle which appears a few pages later).

05/09/21 12:02 AM #160    


Don Ruppel

Karen, I remember you looking for photos of us from our early days.  Not sure HOW early, but here is one of me pre-grade school, about 1 month short of 3 years old.  LOL

05/09/21 10:40 AM #161    


Norma Metzger (Schmick)

Wow,what a special Christmas gift, Don! Love your memorable photo!

05/10/21 10:50 PM #162    


Don Ruppel

Thanks Norma !

06/27/21 01:56 PM #163    


Marlene Melcher

All of these are wonderful... keep posting!  Marlene

06/28/21 03:24 PM #164    

Van Abbott

To All:
I received a suggestion from one of our classmates that I post links to some of my videos on a class reunion website.
Here are a few links to our home-shot videos of Alaska that may be of interest. My wife Linda and I have lived in Alaska for over 30 years, on and off. We lived in Fairbanks, Anchorage, and in Ketchikan, which is our present home and has been for over 20 years. We know Alaska quite well. We had an airstream travel trailer while we lived in Fairbanks (1987-1993) and traveled all over Alaska where there was a road. During the summers we went to Denali national Park camping with our two young sons about every other week for three years.
If any of you are planning a trip to Alaska, we can give you some pointers. It is now getting safer to travel and if you have not been to Alaska you need to get it on your list if you enjoy the beauties of nature. Just drop me a note at with any questions you might have.
The videos below are just a fraction of the numerous clips I have taken over the recent years. You may find some of them interesting or amusing, I hope. They are not professional but nevertheless might spur your interest or at least give you an idea of what Alaska has to offer. Enjoy. 

Humpback Whale Frolicking

Stellar Sealions Out of My Window

Ketchikan Home Art

Eagle Yearling In The Tree

Eagle Yearling Crying Out

Drone View of Our Paradise

Today's Bear Cub

New Smaller Bear Cub

Fall Trail Walk

A Man and His Dog

Settler Cove Lower Trail

Settler Cove Beaches

Local Lake Trail

Local Creek Trail

Fireworks from Deck

A Tribute to My Wife Linda


06/28/21 09:41 PM #165    

Van Abbott

To All:. Of course I forgot to list a video of a motorhome trip we took 15 years ago which shows a lot of central Alaska attractions. You may find this one informative. So here is the link:

06/29/21 09:31 AM #166    


Marlene Melcher

Hi Van,

Looks as if you have had quite an iinteresting life... beautiful location... thanks for sharing.  Marlene


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