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William Jack Crawford - Class Of 1965

William Jack Crawford

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David Brown

Jack, Rich Todd and I were friends in and after high school - the Three Amigos. I met Rich (who was the best man at my wedding forty years ago) through Jack, but before meeting Rich, Jack and I were best friends. 

We partied together, picked up girls together, and worked part time summer jobs together -  Turner-Bear Corp, Court Center Supermarket, and Acme Brick where we unloaded bricks from  boxcars for cash paid at the end of each hot exhausting day.  Jack was an easy going golfer with a friendly smile.  After he married his first wife, she forbade him to hang with his old buddies (said we were a bad influence) so we drifted apart, I married and moved out-of-state.

Hadn't seen or talked to Jack for years, then when the 25th reunion came along, Rich, Jack and I got together with our wives (Jack's 2nd) and had a great time catching up. I remember Jack telling my wife a tale of one of our adventures from year's past, and after she said: "My God, that actually happened?"  He had described it word for word as I had many times to her over the years.  She told him she thought I had embellished the tale all those years, but then knew I hadn't.  

After the reunion we returned to Texas, and never heard from Jack again (pre-e-mail days). A few years ago I found out from Rich that Jack had died. Was real saddened by the loss of my old friend, and a week doesn't go by that I don't think about those pre-marriage fun teen times we had together picking up girls in his dad's F85 convertible. Between Jack's good looks and my line of BS we never struck out on a Saturday night. 

I have recently discovered this site, and needed to say something about my old buddy.  Tomorrow I'll be celebrating my 63rd birthday, and when I open my brew I'll look up and say a toast to you old pal - till we meet again in the hereafter.  Your old buddy, Dave Brown. 

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